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Our plot is located next to the marshland of the salt pan of Marchamalo (Salinas de Marchamalo), an emblematic place consisting of a number of beach lakes formed to extract salt from it. It is a protected area that is the natural habitat of several species of birds, including flamingos.
The urban development aims to preserve the natural space and designs the landscape as an environment with only Mediterranean plants that are perfectly adapted to the environment. Nature as the central force of the project. The permeable fence of round wooden posts provides the delimitation of the plot and offers the possibility of viewing the surroundings. The plot is divided into a number of recreational areas that form the contact with the natural environment. The garden will be shaped by shady trees such as olive trees and aleppods, aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender, which together with other plants such as Aloe striata, Echium and Agave attenuata form a pure Mediterranean chromatic landscape. The vegetation, however, does not only serve as decoration: in this project, it forms the hinge of spaces, traffic, rest areas, shadows... The aromas and the colors. To design a Mediterranean garden, we have several tools that we use to create extraordinary spaces in the whole.

In this garden we find a bird-watching hut, recreation area for pets, a chill-out area, lockers to store some beach gear, sports areas for all ages, such as for bocce, a running track, a court for beach volleyball and a gym. In addition, there are areas where children can develop their imagination, such as a playground with a hut and reading zones. By placing the buildings on the south side of the plot, large areas are left free. Here the natural environment can play the leading role. The large pool with water surface of 300 m2 will offer us a series of tactile, visual and olfactory sensations to complete our leisure experience. The finish transcends the design to a whole new level of style and grace, and with a Jacuzzi.
The building contains a number of sections that complete the equipment, such as a spa designed for rest and relaxation, a Wi-Fi room, a gourmet room and a number of bicycle parking spaces. All this is surrounded by pleasant seating areas at a height that allows the garden and its surroundings to be admired.


As these components of the project are of vital importance and with the geotechnical report with nature and the properties of the land, we were able to carry out the necessary calculations and designs to produce the most appropriate foundation. Like the structure, the foundation offers exceptional strength due to the two-way reinforced concrete slab that moves the loads in two directions to the pillars.


The facade carries on a dialogue with the environment. The balustrades of the spacious terraces provide views of the sea and are made of safety glass that give a free and panoramic view, allowing you to enjoy a privileged view of the environment almost unimpeded, either from the terrace or from the interior of the house. The facade is also designed to give the building an exclusive image and its own identity, in order to achieve a very demanding degree of comfort. For this purpose, an enveloping thermal and acoustic installation will be carried out that will surround the entire building. This installation insulates the building even where it was not traditionally done. The permeable materials possess enormous thermal and acoustic insulating properties. This will reduce energy consumption. The technical name of this system is SATE (external thermal insulation system) and consists of placing an insulating layer on the outside of the building which, together with a number of mortars, provides a smooth, rigid and light aspect. This system is supported by a ceramic brick structure. On the inside, there is a cavity and cladding with a laminated plasterboard to provide an appropriate aspect to the inside of the house. To obtain additional thermal insulation, in addition to waterproofing with an asphalt covering, a layer of extruded polystyrene will be installed and the non-walkable floor will be finished with gravel and the walkable terraces with ceramic tiles with wood finish. The outdoor terraces placed over other terraces will not require thermal insulation.


For the partition between houses, a building system was chosen that combines a brick wall with a structure of galvanized steel with laminated plasterboard and a slab of rock wool on both sides of this. This design was chosen to ensure intimacy and convenience through an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation system. For the separation between the different rooms in the house, laminated plasterboards are manufactured, which are fixed by metal profiles and separated by a mineral wool panel. In kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, the plasterboards will undergo a special treatment. This ensures not only great acoustic and thermal insulation but also perfectly smooth walls on which the paint achieves the desired brightness or warmth. At the same time, we are doing our bit for the environment by significantly reducing the amount of waste during implementation. The interior of the house is designed to provide an acoustically and thermally comfortable atmosphere
allowing one to enjoy a pleasant stay. Not only do the insulating mechanisms of the facade and woodwork contribute to this but also the installation of air conditioning and internal ventilation, which ensure that temperature and humidity are maintained at optimum levels. Adequate temperature control through the building improves energy consumption, which, combined with an installation that generates hot water using renewable energy, ensures that energy consumption is kept to a minimum.


The design of our external woodwork boasts one of the best thermal insulation values: we chose painted aluminum with thermal break. This prevents the inner and outer layers from making contact by means of a separating profile that prevents the transfer of
cold or heat. Some of the important advantages of this are the energy savings and the reduction of condensation due to differences in temperature and humidity. In addition, it has Climalit or similar double glazing with air space. This achieves great energy and acoustic efficiency with a high percentage of insulation that are expressed in constant savings on our electricity bills and, in addition, lower CO2 emissions. The darkening of the rooms is achieved with aluminum blinds in the same color as the woodwork outside the internal woodwork. For your safety, the entrance door to your home is blinded with a security lock, hinges with anti-lift and a peephole. The rest of the doors in the home are modern and elegantly smooth and white lacquered, finished with solid edges and hardware with chrome handles. The built-in cabinets will be floor-to-ceiling with sliding doors to match the other doors. In addition, they will be lined inside with textured melamine, with shelves and hanging bar.


Since it is possible to work on completely smooth walls, they will be given a special brightness with an impeccable finish over plastic paint. Ceilings are also painted in this way. The color can be chosen from a palette of colors. The ceilings of the house are finished with white plastic paint. Since the air conditioning system will be installed in one of the bathrooms, that ceiling will be accessible for maintenance. For
us, the satisfaction of all our customers is of paramount importance. As an added value, an elegant porcelain ceramic design was chosen for the interior tile floor as it is very resistant and durable. However, a very important factor is that it is an
excellent anti-allergic material that is very hygienic due to its low porosity, which facilitates cleaning and prevents mold and germs. In the kitchen, the wall above the countertop is covered with porcelain ceramic in combination with
a plastic paint, depending on the house type. For the bathrooms, our customers can choose between different models for the cladding.
On the outside, the terraces of the homes are finished with non-slip ceramic that mimics wood.


Energy, our starting point to completely supply the building with power and energy. For this purpose, a multilayer pipe is used for the water pipes. This is one of the pipes that are regarded as high-tech because of its excellent properties such as resistance to high temperatures and wear, and because of its durability. Intermediate taps will be installed in all areas where water is present, in addition to additional taps for each plumbing fixture, with the exception of showers. In the implementation of the plumbing, we will undoubtedly use PEX or multilayer pipes. Equipment for the production of domestic hot water through renewable The bathrooms count with shower plates, shower walls, vanities on countertops with two drawers and toilets of top quality. Mixer taps are also installed. The electricity system is installed with high electricity values to cover all the needs of our customers. Independent circuits are installed for lighting, outlets, household appliances and air conditioning. Television sockets are installed in the living rooms, bedrooms and terraces. Telephone jacks are installed in the living room and master bedroom. The living rooms and bedrooms will have access to broadband communications for maximum speed, excellent data transfer capacity and improved security. All cables are placed in fireproof ducts. So that our clients do not lose contact with their country of origin, completely free equipment is installed for the reception of television channels in the languages Spanish, Russian, French, English and German. The common areas contain automatic motion detectors that control the lighting. For greater convenience, the Air conditioning system (cold and hot air) is installed through ducts in your home. Hot water is generated by an installation with solar panels, a system that minimizes the consumption of fossil fuels by generating energy from renewable sources, in this case from heat provided by the sun.
Indoor air conditioning is achieved by a system of direct expansion of cold and heat, one unit of which is located on the roof of the building and the internal unit is installed above the suspended ceiling of one of the bathrooms.


And so that the kitchen will also be one of our clients' favorite places, we have spoiled it with a very attractive design: with white high-gloss finished furniture and household appliances to prepare those excellent recipes: traditional oven, ceramic hob, ornate extractor fridge and microwave. The sink is stainless steel and has a mixer tap. The countertop is Silestone or similar. Depending on the house type, the kitchens are designed with a view to the living room, integrated into the living room with peninsula or separately.


Modern elevators are installed that are suitable for disabled persons with selective memory on descent and automatic doors. These elevators are of high quality and efficiency and produce little noise when in motion. They are equipped with a frequency converter for increased safety and
for extending the life of both the motor and mechanical parts. The district will have a closed circuit of television cameras to ensure security at the entrances and in the common areas.


The garage will be built to preserve and protect the vehicles of our customers. The enclosure is made by means of a reinforced concrete wall. The industrial cement floor is uniform, resistant, flat and durable.
A combination system of forced and natural ventilation will be provided for which the condition of the building will be utilized. It will include an emergency system with detectors, alarms, lighting and fire fighting in accordance with the standardization. For the convenience of our customers, areas are also planned for the accommodation of bicycles. Access will be through a general automatic door opened by magnetic key and remote control.
Within the personalization options, our customers can have a charging point for electric vehicles in his parking lot.


That our customers can live in their dream home is the most important thing for us. For this reason, within the specified time frames, they have influence on the personalization of their home. We work for and with our clients with the same goal: to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

The homes can be adapted to the needs of people with mobility impairments.


We emphasize to our customers that all advance payments, and interest thereon, are guaranteed by a first-class entity.
The contents of this brochure may be subject to change at the request of the Government or the Management of the project.